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Friday, February 3, 2012

another week of insta

happy february all!

i have to apologize that my blogging consistency has been a bit hit and miss lately... okay, who am i kidding, it's been mostly miss.  thankfully insta-friday is easy-peasy, requiring little thought and energy {does it take anyone else a few hours to complete one blog post!?}

life rearranged
with pix from the jan & feb's photoaday challenge
(see side bar for details)

tomato, basil, jack cheese panini with hot tea.
mmm mm good. 
{first time i had this was with kristen in portland, oregon. 
NEED another blog-friend get away}
light coming through my kids refrigerator-box-made submarine
inside your fridge
we grocery shop bi-monthly.
financially we have known both enough and want.
i'm learning to praise God in both.
every time we bag our groceries i say aloud,  "thank you God for giving us food."
   my family often echos me.
my backyard
you again
tuesday- before dinner, and youth group, and life group.
your view
{favorite from blog sidebar}
"only a good story has a character different at the end than it was at the beginning."
taxiing all day long
{3 rings on my finger, each one engraved with one of my children's names.
you could say i have them "wrapped around my finger"}

i had a hair appointment yesterday.
i planned on going in for the usual-
5 foils and a trim.
somewhere between the 5 foils and the trim i began feeling  a bit
i had it CHOPPED!!!
i loved it yesterday. 
today i'm in shock and experiencing the 5 stages of hair-loss grief: 
denial {when i crawled into bed last night i convinced myself, 'i didn't really chop it,
it's a dream, it'll be there when i wake in the morning'.... it wasn't.}
anger  {'what was i thinking!?!' how could i do this. it was easier long}
bargaining {'it'll grow back. it'll be fine. it'll grow.'}
depression {'i hate it! must. eat. chocolate. i can hide out at home for 6 months. where's my hat?'}. 
{'the new hair is kinda sassy.  you only have so many good neck years left- 
show it off while you can'}

have you done anything IMPULSIVE recently? 


{cuppakim} said...

you are hilarious denise! :)
you ARE sassy molassy. hot stuff!

when i come visit, can i sleep in the submarine? seriously. that place looks magical.

yes blog posts take me FOREVER. even insta fridays.
lame, right?
my plan for tomorrow AM is to head to "my" coffee shop and crank out a few posts.
after i do my bible in a year reading, of course.

also, i love your hand driving picture.
whenever i drive, i see my mom in my hands. i used to always watch her hands while she drove.
she always tapped her thumbs.
i love doing that now.
i have her hands.
but my dad's shaped fingers.
it makes me happy, because even if one day i don't have my parents, i'll always have that.

okay ending my sappy molappy paragraph now.

happy weekend happy friend!

Laura said...

three hour post just last night
got in bed at 9pm thinking I would crank out a post and get to be early
MID NIGHT I was done
too bad blogher doesn't pay us HOURLY to write :-)

because YOU are beautiful
you look great
I am known to chop my hair often
have you scrolled through past posts of mine?
My hair was SHORT
I LOVE short hair
I prefer it actually
but I fear I am looking old....and I am afraid to go short because I will look like my mother
and she is pretty
but she is in her 70's

and your sidebar quote is my new fave
THANK GOD for change
I am not proud of who I was just a year ago
because of change, my story is SO much better
not to mention my character

I'd say the dog
that was impulsive

have a beautiful weekend!!!!
and you are welcome to visit me in CT....we can train it to NYC !!!

The Writer Chic said...

I would have bet good money you couldn't get any cuter. I'd have lost that bet. Your hair is DARLING!

Jenni said...

love your new look!!!
i also love your blog header!! i am a sucker for the birds!

Jules said...

laugh with sass
eat the chocolate
enjoy your neck
get some cute barretts
I Love It.

our story said...

love the neck comment....hilarious! Your hair looks darling....I was a yo-yo hair cutter for years so can completely relate to the what in the world did I just do feeling!
to answer your question about my shower curtain it's from West Elm...I love it.

Denissa said...

Nope you're not the only one who takes a long time to write a post! That is the only reason that I'm so lame at posting..hee hee
Your hair is ADORABLE!:)

Colleen said...

HAaha. You are so right about the stages of hair acceptance!! It looks really cute though!

Linda Z said...

I love your backyard! It's so pretty and forested.

I love your sweet engraved rings. And you have such pretty, petite hands. You should be a hand model.

And as I said on FB... your hair looks great!! Super cute. Someday, I will chop my hair and curl it in big curls like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat. Someday.

I impulsively bought a purse on ebay last night. I'm hoping I'm not going to regret not seeing in person, because there are no returns.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! Love your hair! I know firsthand the steps you're going through though....especially the first time you take a shower and wash it! You feel BALD! But seriously, it looks so good on you!

Gina said...

I love the hair! It looks amazing! (and I never thought about good neck years, that cracks me up!)

And now I realize that I forgot to take a picture of hands glad you reminded me :) I love that photo challenge!

And your submarine? It's awesome! What did you use for the windows? (we have a big box upstairs that I'm thinking needs some attention!)

Happy Weekend Friend! We're enjoying our last weekend before school starts for the kids...

and yes, I have done some impulsive things before...but some things are better not discussed ;)

Kathleen said...

oh my word, Denise, you look freaking fabulous!!!! Love the new look. Every time I would chop my hair, I too went through those stages, but always, without fail, ended up being so glad I did it.

Sassy isn't even the word. You look too good for words.

Holly said...

I really like your haircut! I think it suits you! :)

Chrissy said...

Love this entire post. Every picture and memory from your week is awesome. Your hair is amazing! Absolutely love it. : ) And the rings with your kiddos names...must to that with my son's name.

hannah singer said...

well, i love the hair. gorgeous.
i am unintentionally growing mine out. why do haircuts cost so darn much?
you are a cutie pants. and i miss you.

the pleated poppy said...

love it! now just add a perm and some red and you'll look 20 years younger (for some reason i remember you with shortish red curly hair when you and michael started dating?).