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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sailing takes me away to wear i'm going, du du dudu du

WARNING! take dramamine before viewing this video!

and again go pop some popcorn.
wait for the video to load.
sit and enjoy!


Kristen said...

I made your video blog - I am honored. You do a great job talking Minnesotan :o)

Sailing looks like fun but I definitely think I would need some dramamine. You and Emilie both did a great job sailing the boat. Thanks for the lesson on sailing terminology - I needed that last year for school when we talked about sailing.

Josie's haircut is darling. Perfect for her.

Is Barbara the Barbara who lives in Idaho??

Jennifer said...

That was awesome! BTW - i just found your email about designing a new blog. I opened it on my iPhone and then forgot that it was there. So sorry. Anyhow, it's gonna take me awhile 'cause I'm getting busy at work again, but I WILL get it done! Just 'cause I love you.

Heart2Heart said...


Love your surf and sailing video adventure. You know before I stepped foot on that boat I would have had to take dramamine, I have done said barfing, a highly technical sailing term once before while sailing, and spent the remainder of the trip below deck laying down. NOT FUN!

Hope you were able to keep in all in and it looks like you had an amazing time.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat