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Monday, April 27, 2009


today we had company.

today i spent the day with someone i had never met before (accept via facebook through a mutual friend).

today my children spent the day with 4 children they had never met before.

today i gave sewing lessons to a non-sewer who wanted to learn to make bears from her father's shirts (remember i am a fairly new sewer myself).
we removed her sewing machine from it's original box. spent an hour reading the manual, learning how to thread the bobbin, and finally the needle. then we moved on to the real sewing.
beginning first by sewing a paper towel with straight lines and turns. and, with no time to waste we quickly moved on to the limbs and body of the bears.

and as we sewed the kids played. noah enjoyed a guy friend to buddy around with, while all 5 of the girls quickly entered each others worlds of american girls, dress up clothes, kitchens, and make-believe play.

i love the way children do that. they are not reserved. they do not hold back, they innocently jump into friendship. they leave fear behind, hope for the best, and jump.

today, i jumped.

i chose to share my world with another child of God.

and as i jumped into friendship, i was BLESSED!
blessed as we sewed, learned, laughed, shared our stories, were inspired, encouraged, understood, and shared our good God.

and today, i have a new friend.

i wonder what i can jump into tomorrow?

what have you jumped into? what could you jump into?


The Life of the Tatertots said...

And, I look forward to more days like today. It was good in so many ways!

Simply Sara said...

Oh Denise!

Those bears are SO precious! What a beautiful idea, to use the clothing of a loved one to make them. I can just picture your family's (and now your new friend's family's) faces when recieveing such a love-filled gift.
I SO wish I live closer to you, so that I could take a lesson from you too!....maybe I could try and twist your arm into making a how-to video post :) wink!

I must confess, my nature is not one to jump. I am extremely shy at first, but I am discovering that the more I open my heart the more love and life I let in. Even though it completely scares me to 'jump' today I am going to purposely look for opportunities to open up my heart!

I am so happy that you were blessed with a new friendship!

Hope you have a great week :)

Heart2Heart said...

I love your analogy! Aren't kids amazing! The way they can just jump into things without thinking. I wish I still had that carefree feeling and just took more chances.

Now as adults we overthink things. Perhaps that is what God was telling us in that we have to be more like children to get into the kingdom of heaven. Willing to take a risk and step out in confidence.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Alana said...

This post makes me smile, Denise.

Kristen said...

How fun - to make a new friend and help someone create such a speical gift.

I am not much of a jumper but I am jumping in a few weeks to come meet you.

This post made me smile :o)