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Saturday, March 7, 2009

once again i am behind on posting. it seems to be a trend with me these past few weeks.

i know that you are super interested in the exciting happenings of my (our) lives. so i will indulge you and share.

first, last weekend michael, and our long time friend, sheffie, went snow camping. why anyone would want to camp in the snow is beyond me. personally, i prefer the comforts of a cozy bed with down duvet, over a thermarest pad with sleeping bag. i like the convenience of the toilet, instead of squatting behind a tree somewhere. i'd rather consume a 3course meal (followed by this) than a dehydrated package of scrambled eggs. most importantly, i like a shower, my hair dryer, straightener, eyelash curler, and (like it says in my about me at the right) my lipstick.
while michael and sheffie were living like survivorman somewhere in beautiful yosemite, the kids and i stayed with sheffie's wife julie. why? because i am a wimp. i just can't do it, i can't stay home alone.

now this has got to be the all time worse video still shot of anybody ever!

after michael returned from his snowy adventures, he ventured off with the kids for a ski day. it stormed as they skied. look at josie all bundled up, and covered in snow.all this snow talk reminds me that i forgot to share with you that i went skiing last month. it was only my second time ever (the first time was 15 years ago). i survived it. i learned the hard way that you will gain momentum if you lean backwards on your skis. you will also lose control. i became quiet intimate with a bush as a result.
finally, in completely different news (that has nothing to do with snow), i chopped my hair off.
maybe i'll post a picture in the next few days of my new do. first, i have to learn how to style it.
nobody has seen it yet. they will tomorrow.
have you ever noticed that when people like your new do they comment, "i like your hair cut." however, when people do not like your new do they make this statement, "oh, you got your hair cut." i fear i will get the later tomorrow.
oh well nothing can look worse than that still shot of me in the video above.


Alana said...

You almost lost me at "snow camping". What in the world? Who would do that on purpose?? I'd definitely be with you INDOORS eating pizza! yea!

Linda Vujnov said...

LOVE the pizza throwing! Oh to have such talent.

Linda Z said...

You fall very gracefully! :)

Can't wait to see the new haircut!!

Kristen said...

the pizza throwing was amazing - i am so impressed!

i can't wait to see pictures of your new haircut :o)