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Sunday, April 13, 2008


i just realized that on my profile it said that my industry was "Accounting," and it's not, never will be, never could be. i taught preschool for 10 years because you do not need to know how to count any further than 10. at this point in my life i have no industry, and i am okay with that.


Jennifer said...

My facebook page said "attorney" on it - and my place of work was my husband's law firm. A friend found me and said, "I didn't know you were a lawyer - it must be fun working with John!"
I had a spittake.

Nothing could be un-funner than being a lawyer working with John. Unless maybe... driving a truck.
I love John, but thank you, I'll take home-John to work-John anyday. Too focused for me. :)

So, we're all squared away now, we two, aren't we? :)


Family Jules said...

Your industry is baby-making. Get to it girl!

Earen said...

Thanks for setting me straight...I did think accounting was your thing.

Denise said...

julie, baby-making will be impossible without a uterus!

Kristen said...

my industry says accounting too - so funny!

your industry is homemaker, mommy, wife, teacher, taxi driver, chef, etc..... they don't have any of those choices listed.

Sarah Markley said...

It is weird- I think it is a default. it did that to me too.

Alana said...

How funny, apparently I was an accountant as well! Not so, for the record.