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Saturday, July 7, 2007

S.L.O.'n down

The kids and I had loads of fun in S.L.O. (San Luis Obispo) this past week. It was fun to be with family. The kids especially enjoyed time with all their cousins.

Wednesday- We went to a Grace Church 4th of July picnic. The kids really enjoyed being part of the gunny sac race, water balloon toss, and the relay.

We BBQ'd on the beach on the eve of the 4th with the other Joneses (Michael's brother Christopher, his wife Michelle, and their boys Luke and Nicholas) and the Cheneys' (Michael's sister Lindsey, her husband Sean, their girls Grace and Lily, and baby #3 on the way). Uncle Christopher entertained all the kiddos with his fireworks show.

Lindsey and I sewed some purses from pillowcases, and made the girls hair clips. We also took our kids to Avila Beach. The kids had loads of fun soaking up the ocean and the sandy beach. I got some good snuggle time with my niece Lily, and a bit of a burn.
Thursday evening we went down to the S.L.O. Farmer's Market, enjoyed some tasty BBQ, music, and a cold walk home.
It is good to be with family. It is so nice that Michael's family is my family too- that I can go and enjoy them, and feel at home without him is a gift.
The kids and I came home Friday. We would have loved to stay! The weather in S.L.O. was in the mid 80's (many times we needed a sweatshirt to warm up). Our home welcomed us with 107 degree heat- aahh!


Family Jules said...

Love the pillow-case purse!!!!!!!
The pictures are cute.

lindsey said...

you need to send me your pictures! you got some good ones. we had such a good time with you guys - we definitely need to make more of a habit of it. love you!