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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What Happens in Cambria, Stays in Cambria

This last weekend I went to Cambria with some gals.

It was my first time to Cambria, and definitely not my last! Oh, it is so beautiful!
Beautiful beaches, quaint shops, trolley, and a yummy grill (much like the terribly missed Sierra City Grill for you Oakhurstians).

I have never beach combed on this type of beach. I brought home pocket's full of rocks, each
one so unique. As I combed I found I was more surprised by each one, and at the hand of God at work making them. By tumbling through the sand, they become polished, the edges become smooth. They are beautiful. I consider how my Maker takes time to shape, and make these little treasures. Surely He puts more into me.

I think what made this weekend so over the top, was the women I was with. They are each so unique (like the rocks). Being shaped and molded by God's hand. It was wonderful to hear of their experiences, challenges, growth (of their tumbling) and to see how faithful God has been to each one.

I came to realize I am beautiful. Seeing pieces of myself in each women. Seeing the beauty in them, made me welcome it, accept it for me.


amy s said...

I wrote a comment and it kicked me out so I will write another one and hope I am not being redundant.
Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed sharing stories, laughing, being silly, and getting a glimpse of who each one of us are. Thanks also for the yummy meal on fri. (I made it for my family as one of my "cheat" meals this week!) I was grateful for a chance to know you better. Can't wait until next year. love,
ps can I get a copy of your group picture and the one with me and mary?

Lisa Leonard said...

Glad it was a good trip! Cambria is BEAUTIFUL! We go there often for lunch and playtime at the beach. Thanks for the link. You are a sweetie!

ga said...

I hate that I missed the trip with all of you! I hope to be back in CA for the Whitney Classic this fall so we'll have to plan another El Cid/coffee house nite with all those great women that I miss from Oakie-land!